Change is inevitable for personal growth and success--Shams Khan. (Representational Image, Photo credit: Robert Collins/Unsplash)

How can we attain a life of joy and fulfillment by adopting change?

We are capable of much more than what we get by restricting ourselves to our comfort zone and resisting change.

–Shams Khan
Shams Khan

It is said, change is constant. In fact, we are all here, on this beautiful planet called earth, to grow and to evolve as an individual as well as a species collectively. According to the scientific viewpoint, the universe is also expanding and evolving. So, in order to get along well with the surroundings, in full harmony and with the melodious symphony, constant change is inevitable.

However, we usually confine ourselves in our comfort zone. Familiarity is what we are so obsessed with that we enjoy sticking with it. We usually resist change. Why take unnecessary risk to go beyond our normal routine when things are smoothly running on? 

When I can earn enough from a 10 to 5 job to sustain my family why should we bother to think something different? Or, when my current business is fulfilling my needs, why should I do something else? When my existing skill is working quite well, why should I worry about taking it to another level? Or, why should I put an extra effort to gain additional knowledge when I am getting good marks in exams?

Why should I sacrifice the warmth and comfort of my home and bear the hardship of travelling to earn a relatively better livelihood? Why should I explore and cultivate my passion when I may not get adequate monetary reward for pursuing it? Why should I care for the people beyond my family?

The problem is that by restricting ourselves we are not utilising our full potential, that is enormous. If we are to judge our ability in terms of our achievement, it’s quite a mismatch– huge under estimation.

Yet, the question remains why we are so wary of change? Experts suggest that it is due to our mind. They explain that the primary task of our mind is to protect us from all types of harms, from harsh weather, from attacks of wild animals, from getting injured. Mind does not like to stretch itself beyond its normal duty, therefore it resists unfamiliarity and to take risks which might complicate its task. 

It gives hundreds of excuses not to go into uncharted territory. It is our job to keep our mind subservient and utilise a tool as we use our hands and other organs. Though we should listen to its concern patiently yet we must be in command by weighing up the risk in doing and cost of not doing something. If it is crucial for our growth, we must proceed by suggesting the mind that yes, I understand your concerns but I have to do it to develop myself to the next level of my personal growth.

Being a social species, our nature pushes us outwardly. Numerous studies proved that by contributing in the lives of others we feel joy and happiness. Our spiritual self desperately seeks to connect with something beyond us. Didn’t we see people throng to far-flung spiritual places in masses? Fulfillment comes when we do justice to our natural gifts loosely known as talents. Thus, we need to give our optimum to actually become successful in this life.

Nature has beautiful plans for our lives. We just need to stay true to ourselves. Sometimes, when we become over attached to a situation it creates hurdles in our journey, at this point nature gives us a small shock. If we mend our ways things quickly get on track. But when we stick to it and become adamant, we get another somewhat bigger shock. Thus, we learn a life lesson.

Nature wants us to become the best version of ourselves. It offers us opportunities so as we bloom to the fullest. Sometimes we are pushed through difficult circumstances which is nature’s way to prepare us for blessings that it deemed fit to offer us. We are often denied our wishes only to get something so amazing that we remain in doubt whether we really deserve it.

The Wiseman counsel that nature does not take something unless it gives something better in replacements is absolutely true.

Since nature is aware that the person we are today with the character, the skills, the attributes would not be capable enough to face the upcoming challenges in our lives, it creates situations to prepare us for the life ahead. We must not resist the natural flow of events and should always be ready to upscale and grow so as to catch up with the journey ahead.

As spiritual teacher Neil Walsh puts it, “life begins at the end of the comfort zone”. We discover our real potentials after pushing ourselves to the optimum of efforts.

Changes do sometimes seem quite uncomfortable in the beginning but as we continue with it, things start becoming less difficult and after some time it turns out to be quite joyful. At this point, we start appreciating ourselves for adopting the change.

(Shams Khan is editor of He is based in Patna. He can be reached at


  1. You are absolutely right.I could not find any sentence from which I felt disagree.
    Keep it up

  2. The way of your writing skill and presentation of thought is really awesome Shamsh Bhai. Keep it up. Congratulations

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