Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar with deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav (File photo, Image credit: India TV News)

Government letter on cyber-crime kicks up storm in Bihar

A letter written by the chief of Economic Offence Wing, Naiyer Hasnain Khan, an Additional Director General of Police rank officer, to Secretaries of different departments on Thursday kicked up a storm in Bihar with the opposition parties strongly objecting to it.

As per the letter anyone using social media platform to use derogatory and offensive words against the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar and its ministers, MPs, legislators and officials can be put behind bars. Thus it would come under the criteria of cyber-crime.

According to the letter: “It has recently come to light that some people and organisations have been making offensive social media posts against the government, ministers, legislators, members of the Parliament and government officials. This is against the law and comes under the category of cybercrime.”

Meanwhile the Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Tejashwi Yadav on Friday through a couple of tweets dared the Nitish Kumar government to arrest him under the new order pertaining to offensive social media posts. Tejashwi also equated him with Adolf Hitler. The tweets called Nitish as Bhishma Pitamaha of corruption presiding over 60 scams and shielding criminals. The Bihar Police according to the tweet indulges in illegal sale of liquor, implicates innocent people and shields criminals.

However, the ADG Headquarters Jitendra Kumar on Friday clarified that the healthy and constructive criticism is always welcome.

The RJD leaders are asking as to why chief minister Nitish Kumar has become so sensitive when genuine criticism is levelled against his government. After all isn’t it a fact that all the NDA leaders including Nitish himself use all sorts of abusive, derogatory and offensive language against Tejashwi, his parents and all his family members be it in election speeches, press conferences or social media posts, they asked.

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