File photo of the Nalanda Medical College and Hospital in Patna (Image credit: Careers360)

Patient dies in Bihar as health minister’s visit prevents his entry into hospital

A retired soldier suffering from corona died on the campus of Nalanda Medical College and Hospital in Patna as he could not be hospitalised because of the visit of Bihar’s health minister, Mangal Pandey, at that time.

According to reports the incident took place on Tuesday (April 13) when the patient was brought to the hospital in a critical condition. He was a day earlier taken to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna, but could not get admitted there because of shortage of bed. From there he was referred to a private hospital but there too he failed to get any bed.

At the time he was brought to the NMCH, which was last year declared a COVID-19 dedicated health centre, the doctors and other employees were reportedly busy as the health minister of Bihar was on a visit.

The patient died in ambulance while waiting for the bed. Upon this the family members and other people got infuriated and strongly protested against this utter neglect on the part of the authorities.

Bihar too is witnessing rise in corona virus cases and the hospitals are overflowing with patients.

As if that is not enough Mangal Pandey, himself a senior BJP leader, is spending time in West Bengal where he is reportedly busy in the election campaign for his party. An NDTV report said that the minister had once again left for West Bengal.   

It needs to be mentioned that a large number of Union ministers, CMs, ministers in the state cabinets, MPs, legislators etc. belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party have been camping in West Bengal and they are likely to remain there till April 29 when the eight phase election ends.

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