Tejashwi Yadav hit back after NDA leaders mocked him for his 10 lakhs job promise. (Courtesy Tejashwi's Facebook page)

Tejashwi hit back after NDA leaders mock him over 10 lakh jobs promise

Leader of opposition in Bihar Assembly Tejashwi Prasad Yadav hit back after BJP and JDU mocked him for his 10 lakh jobs promise. “It is a crime to ask job in Bihar in the ongoing 15 years of the NDA rule. Nitish Kumar and BJP have turned Bihar into an epicenter of unemployment”, the RJD leader said in a social media post.

On Sunday, NDA leaders took turn to mock Tejashwi for the announcement of giving 10 lakh jobs, realising amidst grim unemployment scenario such promise may lure youths towards Grand Alliance. Deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi taking dig at the RJD leader without mentioning his name said, “Those talking of providing jobs in the first cabinet should first issue a white paper on their 15-years misrule and how 118 massacres, B.Ed and other other scam took place in their tenure. During the RJD rule there were over five lakh vacancies.”

Earlier on the day, Tejashwi Yadav had announced that if RJD led Grand Alliance comes to power 10 lakhs permanent government jobs will be approved in the first cabinet meeting. “If our government is formed, we will approve around 10 lakh jobs in the first cabinet. These would be government jobs and permanent. There will be advertisements and in a time frame appointment would be made”, said the RJD leader in a press conference.

Targeting the Nitish Kumar government for ignoring youths and promoting migration, he promised that the RJD led government will tackle the unemployment head on.

The RJD leader has been leaving no stone unturned for making unemployment a poll issue. The lock down imposed as a mitigating measure in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak has particularly highlighted the extent of the unemployment problem in the state.

Tejashwi claimed that Bihar’s 46.6% unemployment rate is the highest in the country. According to the RJD leader, the portal recently launched by the RJD in which unemployed youths can register themselves has received 22.58 lakh entries so far.

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