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Biden administration to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia

The new Joe Biden administration in the United States will stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia to fight war in Yemen and may reconsider the former President Donald Trump’s decision at the fag end of his tenure to declare Houthis a terrorists’ organisation.

This announcement was made by Anthony Blinken, the new US Secretary of State, at the time of Senate hearing on his appointment last week. The Senate later approved his appointment by 78-22 votes with several Republican Senators like Lindsay Graham, considered close to Trump, and Marco Rubio, voting in his favour.

Blinken also said that China would remain the number one threat and that his country would adopt a tough stance yet the approach of the Biden administration in dealing with it would be different from President Trump. Similarly, a tough policy would be adopted against Russia too.

On Iran nuclear deal, which the Trump Administration cancelled, he said though Biden administration’s policy would be different from the predecessor the agreement is not so easy and thus is not going to happen soon.

Thus the Biden administration’s approach towards Saudi Arabia may be in total contrast to President Trump, who was quite active in the Middle East, especially in the final days of his tenure. Riyadh is feeling somewhat uncomfortable after the coming to power of Biden. Therefore, Saudi Arabia recently befriended Qatar after it snapped its ties with the latter in 2017. Riyadh then alleged that Qatar is close to Iran and backing Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Defense One, the Biden administration will cancel a $500 million sale of bombs to a close friend in the Middle East, believed to be Saudi Arabia. This fact was disclosed by Greg Hayes, the CEO of a major defense contractor, Raytheon.  

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