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Corona cases fall below two lakh mark, death toll 3,511

For the first time since April 14 India registered less than two lakh corona virus cases in a single day. On May 24 over 1.96 lakh new cases were reported. The death toll too has come down to 3,511 which is a huge fall than the previous 24 hours. This is for the first time that a decline of over 950 cases was reported in a single day.

On May 23, 4,454 people died due to COVID-19 and 2.22 lakh new patients were tested positive.

However, in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal and Assam the decline is still not as sharp as in several other states. In an apparent bid to check the spread of corona virus, Tamil Nadu has only a day earlier imposed a complete lockdown.

Here it needs to be reminded that they along with Puducherry went to poll last month and counting took place on May 2.

In Uttar Pradesh where the four-phase Panchayat poll was held in the second half of April, officially the number of corona virus cases have come down considerably, yet media reports suggest that the number of positive cases and fatalities are still high. This is largely because the picture of the rural areas is still not very clear.

In Punjab too corona virus cases are not showing steep decline in spite of the restrictions imposed by the government.

In Bihar as well the situation in urban areas is improving while in the rural pockets the situation continues to be grim. Here it needs to be mentioned that in the last one and a half months over 100 doctors associated with the Indian Medical Association have lost their lives due to COVID-19 in the state. This figure is the highest in India.

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