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Corona death toll falls below 4,000 after four days

For the first time after four consecutive days the death toll due to corona virus has come below 4,000 mark. The number of people who died on Friday (May 14) was 3,980 and the total number of reported positive cases are over 3.26 lakh, which too is less than the previous days.

But the experts are not very optimistic about this fall as the number of fatalities and reported positive cases are fluctuating. For instance, last week it reached 4,187, but after a couple of days it came down below 4,000 mark. But the figure once again went up and remained above 4,000 for four days before once again coming down.

Doctors are still not ready to accept that a fall in the number for a day or two suggests any decline in the number of cases. The lack of consistency is keeping them alert.

Besides, the positivity rate is still hovering around 20 per cent, though in hotspots like Delhi it has shown considerable fall in the last few days. It was 11 per cent in the last 24 hours when it was 36 per cent in April. The number of cases too have come down to 6,500 from 8,500 on the previous day.

However, what is of concern is the steep rise in number of cases in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh which is largely going unreported. But officially, the number of deaths and reported positive cases in Uttar Pradesh is also falling.

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