A medical worker takes care of a patient suffering from COVID-19 at a hospital in Noida (Image credit: Mint)

Death toll continues to rise even as corona figure comes down below three lakh

For the first time since April 21 India reported less than three lakh cases of corona virus in 24 hours. On May 16 the country witnessed 2.81 lakh fresh cases against 3.11 lakh a day earlier.  

However, the death toll continued to rise for the second day. It was 4,106 against 4,077 a day earlier. On May 14 it dipped to less than 4,000 mark, 3,890 to be precise.  

Experts are of the view that the second wave of the pandemic has reached its peak and is now showing signs of decline. But they are not in position to say anything as the death toll is still rising. Something categorical can only be said when the falling trend continues for coming few days. As the number of cases on Sundays are usually less across the world because of the closure of many testing centres the fall in number on May 16 can be attributed to this fact.

While Delhi has, of late, been reporting lesser number of cases as well as fatalities the death rate in Maharashtra jumped on May 15. West Bengal and Assam, where elections were held recently, are also reporting increase in number of positive cases.

Official figures apart, the situation in rural Uttar Pradesh continues to be alarming with reports pouring in from various places as to how a large number of villages are still in the grip of COVID-19. The authorities are unable to take them into account because of the lack of infrastructure.

Independent media sources have repeatedly been claiming that the BJP-ruled Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh have grossly under-reported the number of cases and fatalities.

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