Two corona virus patients sharing a bed in a government hospital in Delhi (Image credit: NDTV)

India crosses death toll of three lakh

After the United States and Brazil, India on May 23 became the third country in the world to cross the death toll of three lakh due to corona virus. The total figure now stands at 3,03,720.

Though the number of new cases has come down to 2.22 lakh, a fall when compared to 2.40 lakh a day earlier, the death toll witnessed a big jump. In the last 24 hours 4,454 people lost their lives. The positivity rate in the country has come down to 11.53 per cent.  

The good news is that now even Tamil Nadu is reporting slight decline in number of corona virus cases. It stood at around 35,000 on May 23.

It needs to be mentioned that so far 6,04,087 and 4,49,185 people have died in the United States and Brazil respectively.

However, independent sources and many in media dispute the death toll and positive cases in India and are of the view that they may be several times more than the official figures.

In April alone officially 66 lakh people got affected while in the first 23 days of May more than 80 lakh cases were reported. In February and March this year 3.5 lakh and 10.25 lakh cases were reported.

In February, 2,777 and in March 5,417 people died due to COVID-19. In April and May (till 23), around 46,000 and 95,000 persons perished.

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