Baba Ramdev claimed that allopathic mode of treatment had killed lakhs of COVID-19 patients (Image credit: The Logical Indian)

Ramdev regrets after health minister’s letter

Following the massive reaction from the Indian Medical Association and letter from the Union health minister, Dr. Harshvardhan, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev late on Sunday (May 23) withdrew his comment on allopathic mode of treatment. In a statement he said that he was withdrawing his remarks and added he is regretting if it had hurt the sentiment of anyone.

Ramdev’s comment made a couple of days back and which went viral, kicked up a storm, and the IMA sought his prosecution.

He did not mince words to held the allopathic doctors responsible for the death of lakhs of corona virus patients. He even used the word stupid for allopathic doctors.

Sources said that the government had succumbed to the pressure of Indian Medical Association after adopting a much dilly-dallying approach towards the Baba. As the government is using modern medicine to combat corona virus and subsequent after-effects, it was bound to accept the stand of the IMA, the largest body of doctors in India.

It needs to be mentioned that the IMA had not only called for the prosecution of Baba Ramdev under the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897, but also asked the government to accept his accusations and dissolve the modern medical facilities.

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