Baba Ramdev and IMA general secretary Dr. Jayesh Lele (Image credit: The News Minute)

Ramdev sparks off another row, asks 25 questions

Two days after withdrawing his remarks and expressing regret Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Tuesday (May 25) kicked up yet another storm by asking 25 questions before the allopathic mode of medicine.

In a letter written on the pad of his firm Patanjali and duly signed, the Yoga Guru said that though he is not against modern medicine he wants to ask whether the allopathic mode of treatment has any cure for patients suffering from asthma, hepatitis, diabetes, hypertension, liver cirrhosis etc. Does allopathic medicine have any drug for de-addiction, he asked. He also asked whether allopathic mode of treatment has any alternative to improve the oxygen level without the help of oxygen cylinders.

He pointedly asked if this mode of treatment is so perfect then why allopathic doctors fall ill.

In fact, the Baba has only referred to the illness of allopathic doctors. The truth is that about 1,100 allopathic doctors associated with the Indian Medical Association have lost their lives in the second wave of corona virus. In one day as high as 50 of them had died.

Baba Ramdev also asked as to why these allopathic doctors become so sensitive when certain questions are asked. Even in the USA, allopathic doctors are raising questions over the failure of modern medicine on several fronts, including corona virus. Baba Ramdev also asked as to when will the war between allopathy and ayurvedic mode of treatment end. The Baba was miffed over the way allopathic doctors ridicule other modes of treatment. He reiterated that he was not opposed to allopathic mode of medicine but only wanted to suggest that this is not the last word.

Following Union health minister Dr. Harshvardhan’s letter, Baba Ramdev had on Sunday evening withdrawn his earlier comment on allopathic medicine and had expressed regret.  

The Indian Medical Association has once again decried the comments of Baba Ramdev.

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