Some of the 14 doctors submitting their resignation letter to the chief medical officer of Unnao (Image credit: NDTV)

14 doctors quit UP government job over corona mismanagement

Fourteen government doctors of Unnao, a district in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, have resigned in protest against the utter apathy by the authorities in dealing with the second wave of corona virus and putting all the blames on them, which is wreaking havoc in the country.

Eleven of these 14 doctors have submitted their resignation letter to the chief medical officer of Unnao accusing the district authorities of harassing and asking them to prove whether they are working or not when they are performing duty round-the-clock. These doctors who are posted in the rural areas of the district alleged that they have been made scapegoat for the failure of the government machinery. Doctors at many other places have also charged the Yogi Adityanath government with indulging in high-handedness when the fact is that they have been alerting the government from the very beginning. 

Unnao is one of the worst hit districts of central Uttar Pradesh. Only recently, the media reported that villagers have buried a large number of bodies on the bank of river Ganga which passes through the district, otherwise known for very fertile land. A large number of bodies were found floating in river Yamuna in Hamirpur district of the state last week.

In fact, 71 bodies were fished out from river Ganga in Chausa block of Buxar district in Bihar on the border with Uttar Pradesh. While the authorities in Bihar say that these bodies have flown down from neighbouring districts of Uttar Pradesh, the latter have rejected the claim.

Reports of fresh recovery of bodies have come from the bordering districts of Bihar and UP. Media reports suggest that innumerable bodies are floating in rivers across the two states as the people have either no wood or no money to cremate them.

Another report says that mass burial of bodies is going on in the no man’s land of Bihar-Nepal border.

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