File Photo of the Jaipur Golden Hospital (Image credit: ABP News Ananda)

50 die in two Delhi hospitals due to oxygen running short

A day after 25 patients died due to acute shortage of oxygen in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, another tragic incident took place in Jaipur Golden Hospital, Rohini, in the national capital on Saturday (April 24). So far 25 seriously ill corona virus patients breathed their last due to the same reason. 

There are in all 215 COVID-19 patients in the hospital, many of them are on oxygen support. It is feared that the toll may increase if nothing is done in this direction.   

Latest reports from Amritsar said that six people lost their lives due to shortage of oxygen in Neelkanth Hospital in the city. Five of these six were COVID-19 patients.

The incidents sent shock waves as reports of oxygen shortage are coming from innumerable hospitals across India. Several people had lost their lives due to shortage of oxygen in two cities of Madhya Pradesh some days back.

In Delhi the situation is extremely alarming as several health-hubs–private, government-owned and run by charity–are facing serious shortage of oxygen. Batra Hospital and Moolchand Hospital are among the worst affected ones. Even AIIMS is not in a position to take more patients.

Lives of hundreds of patients are at risk as relatives and attendants are running from pillar to post for oxygen.

All this is happening when the country officially recorded 3.46 lakh fresh cases of corona virus in the last 24 hours and 2,624 deaths. Anger among the relatives of patients and general people is palpable as doctors and health authorities are looking helpless. Several hospitals have moved the Delhi High Court in this regard. The Court on Saturday ordered that it would hang anyone creating obstacle in the supply of oxygen to Delhi.

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