Rakeshwar Singh Minhas, the CRPF commando made hostage by the Maoists (Image credit: Hindustan Times)

Abducted CRPF commando’s wife seeks Abhinandan type release of her husband

The wife of Rakeshwar Singh Minhas, the CRPF commando made hostage by the Maoists on the border of Bijapur-Sukma in Chhattisgarh, has requested the government to get her husband released in the way Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was rescued from Pakistan two years back.

Appealing to the government to appoint mediators to talk to the Naxalites and get her husband released, Meenu, while talking to the media in Jammu, regretted that little has been done in this direction.  

However, some other family members are hopeful that the government would do its best to get early release of Rakeshwar.

His four-year old daughter, Shragvi, too has made an emotional appeal to the abductors to release her father.

Meenu said that her husband Rakeshwar, 35, had talked to her over phone on April 2 and had informed her that he would be going on operation the next day and that he would talk after his return.

Rakeshwar, originally from Jammu district, was posted in Bijapur two years back.

Meanwhile, a sizeable number of people, including his family members, took to the streets in Jammu on April 7 demanding the early release by the Maoists. Rakeshwar’s mother, Kunti Devi, who was also among the protesters complained that nothing has been done to secure the release of her son.

It needs to be mentioned that 22 security personnel lost their lives in an operation against Maoists on April 3-4 last. Fourteen of them were from Chhattisgarh Police and eight belonged to the Cobra Battalion of the CRPF.

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