Sujata Mondal Khan, TMC leader and wife of BJP MP from Bishnupur, Saumitra Khan (File Photo, Image credit:

BJP’s Bengal MP to divorce wife after she re-embraces Mamata’s TMC

The political battle in West Bengal is taking a tragic turn in the family of the BJP MP from Bishnupur, Saumitra Khan, as he is planning to divorce his wife Sujata Mondal Khan, after she on Monday announced to return to the Trinamool Congress.

Both the husband and wife were in the TMC before 2019.  In fact, Saumitra had won the 2014 election on the TMC ticket.

However, they joined the BJP and Saumitra got the BJP ticket and won the Lok Sabha election in 2019. He was also made the president of the Bengal unit of the BJP’s Bharatiya Yuva Janata Morcha, the youth wing of the party.

It is said that Sujata played a key role in Saumitra’s victory last year. She had also shared dais with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in one of his public meetings.

However, within hours after her decision Saumitra told the Press that he would be sending divorce notice to Sujata.

While Sujata defended her decision to rejoin the TMC her husband said that she got so much recognition only because the couple had joined the BJP. According to Sumitra, they were not getting due recognition in the TMC. Sujata’s return to the TMC is another big blow to the BJP. She said that the BJP is taking into its fold only the leaders who have no base and are corrupt.

Only on December 18 last, that is on the eve of Amit Shah’s December 19 public meeting in East Midnapore, Asansol mayor and MLA Jitendra Tewari returned to the TMC fold within 30 hours of quitting the party. There were all indications that he too would be joining the BJP before Amit Shah.

Political observers are of the view that the poaching campaign of the Union home minister is not working very well and is instead causing lot of problems within the BJP rank and file.

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