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Dilip Ghosh’s Bermuda advice to Mamata evokes widespread condemnation

The president of the West Bengal unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Dilip Ghosh, on Tuesday (March 23) asked the state chief minister Mamata Banerjee to wear Bermuda to show her fractured leg. His remarks evoked sharp reaction from a cross-section of the society and the Trinamool Congress MP, Mahua Moitra, went on to the extent of calling him “perverted monkey”.

Addressing an election meeting at Purulia he said that as Mamata is so keen to show her plastered leg for seeking votes she should wear a pair of Bermuda instead of sari.

He did not stop there, but further added that her condition is like that of a married daughter who had come to overstay at her father’s house.

Though no prominent BJP leader has reacted yet on the issue, the statement drew flak from women groups, TMC leaders and the civil society.

Mahua was the first to tweet to be followed by another TMC MP Kakoli Ghosh who too came down heavily on Dilip Ghosh.

“BJP West Bengal President asks in public meeting why Mamatadi is wearing a saree, she should be wearing ‘Bermuda’ shorts to display her leg better. And these perverted depraved monkeys think they are going to win Bengal?” Mahua tweeted. 

Kakoli tweeted: “It now appears that the role of @BJP4Bengal State President has been merely reduced to that of venom-spitting. From scathing attacks towards the CM of Bengal to violence towards @AITCofficial workers – he has conveniently crossed all limits. Shocking words, once again!”

This is not the first time that Dilip Ghosh, a BJP MP and an aspirant for the post of chief minister, has made such remarks.

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