A dead body found floating in the Ganga at Buxar in Bihar (Image credit: HW English)

Floating bodies in Yamuna, Ganga create panic in UP, Bihar

A large number of bodies have been found floating in river Ganga at Chausa block of Buxar district in Bihar on the border with Uttar Pradesh.

According to an NDTV report carried on Monday (May 10) something between 100 and 150 swollen bodies were found in Ganga. The report also said that the actual figure may be many times more. The sudden appearance of so many bodies sent panic in the entire region.

Though the district authorities are claiming that the bodies have flown down from the neighbouring districts of Uttar Pradesh the report said that they may be of the COVID-19 patients of both Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

As corona virus is taking a huge toll of lives in rural parts of UP and now also in Bihar and is largely unreported, the people have either no money or no proper arrangements to perform even the last rites of their dear and near ones. Not only that, many people fear that they too would be affected by corona virus while performing cremation. So, they deem it fit to throw the bodies in the rivers.

Earlier, dozens of bodies were found floating in river Yamuna in Hamirpur district in Uttar Pradesh. Local people are claiming that the bodies are of the corona virus victims.

Independent media sources are repeatedly claiming that the death toll due to the pandemic in both these states is many times more and the Yogi Adityanath government in particular is busy hiding the figure. Only a couple of days back, BBC Duniya highlighted as to how bad the condition is in Banaras, the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The number of bodies brought on the ghat of Ganga there is much more than the actual figure the UP government is accepting.

Similar is the situation in Bansghat crematorium in Bihar’s capital, Patna.

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