Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Godda, Nishikant Dubey (Image credit: The New Indian Express)

Godda BJP MP, Congress MLA come to blows in Jharkhand at train inauguration function

Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Godda, Nishikant Dubey, and the local Congress MLA, Pradip Yadav, publicly exchanged blows at the brand new Godda railway station on the historic occasion of the flagging off of the Godda-New Delhi Humsafar Express on Thursday (April 8). The situation reached to such a pass that the superintendent of police of Godda had to intervene and separate them.

Media reports suggest that the incident took place just before the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal was, through video conferencing, about to give green signal to the train at 3:00 PM.

Nishikant was the first to reach the venue. He was accompanied by his supporters.  This was followed by the arrival of ministers and legislators of Jharkhand. This included senior Congress leader, Pradeep Yadav, who had in the past represented Godda in the Lok Sabha and is a former minister of Jharkhand.

It could not immediately be known as to what led to the clash between the two leaders and later between their supporters, forcing the police to swing into action. But the local media persons say that the two got locked in physical battle after the verbal duel over taking credit for the introduction of the first train to New Delhi.

Surprisingly, when the local people were not allowed to assemble at the station premises due to corona virus restrictions, the leaders came with their supporters.

Perhaps, Pradeep Yadav did not like the manner in which Nishikant Dubey was walking away with all the credits.

Railway minister Piyush Goyal also referred as to how the Godda MP repeatedly approach him for the introduction of a new train.

Godda has come on the railway map only recently.

The local media also reported that tension was mounting between the two leaders for the last two days over taking the credit for the new train.

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