Union home minister Amit Shah and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee (Image credit: The Tribune)

Mamata, Amit Shah take to streets in Kolkata, Kharagpur

Less than four days after receiving injuries in Nandigram West Bengal chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, on Sunday (March 14) undertook a massive roadshow in the heart of Kolkata. On the same day Union home minister Amit Shah led a roadshow of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Kharagpur, the town otherwise known for India’s first IIT and one of the longest railway platforms of the country.

Mamata’s five-kilometre long march in central Kolkata evoked tumultuous response with people eager to see her on the wheel-chair. She said that she is not going to be cowed down and that the wounded tigress is more dangerous. She also said that she was more hurt by the attack on democracy rather than on herself.

While Mamata and Amit Shah were busy displaying their strength at two different places, the Election Commission on Sunday refused to accept the allegation that Mamata was attacked. The EC conceded that the West Bengal chief minister was hurt in an accident and it was the outcome of the security lapses. It also removed three security officers from duty.

On the other hand, Amit Shah claimed that the BJP would win more than 200 seats in West Bengal which, according to him, is heading for Poribortan (change). He reiterated that the BJP will fulfil the dream of ‘Sonar Bangla’ after it comes to power in the state.

Amit Shah arrived in West Bengal from Assam where, in an election rally in Tinsukia, he promised to throw out all the infiltrators in the next five years. Meanwhile BJP MP Locket Chatterjee criticised Mamata Banerjee and her party, the Trinamool Congress for playing the victim card for the sake of getting votes. She was referring to the display of Mamata’s photo on wheelchair by the TMC.

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