A file photo of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly (Image credit: India TV News)

Opposition MLAs boycott Governor’s address in UP Assembly

Opposition MLAs belonging to Samajwadi Party, Congress and Bahujan Samaj Party on Thursday boycotted the Governor’s address to the joint sitting of Uttar Pradesh Assembly in protest against the three farms laws, deteriorating law and order situation, neglect of sugarcane farmers, and rising price of fuels.

According to reports, as the governor Anandiben Patel, on the opening day of the Budget session, started her speech all the opposition members, with placards in hands, rushed to the well of the House and raised slogans against the government. Later they boycotted the address of the governor. The governor highlighted the achievements of the Yogi government, especially efforts made to fight the Corona Virus pandemic.

Earlier in the day, Samajwadi Party legislators tried to assemble near the statue of former Prime Minister Charan Singh in the premises of the Assembly. To draw the attention of the government towards the non-payment of dues to the farmers, they were holding sugarcane in their hands. However, the marshals of the Assembly did not allow them to gather near the statue.

It needs to be mentioned that Charan Singh had also served as the chief minister of UP about five decades back. He is the father of Rashtriya Lok Dal leader and former Union minister Ajit Singh and grandfather of former MP Jayant Singh. Singhs come from Jat caste of west UP.

As UP Assembly election is due in February 2022 this would be the last Budget to be presented by the present Yogi government. The Budget would be presented on February 22.

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