Indian Medical Association (IMA) national vice president Dr Navjot Singh Dahiya (Image credit: The Times of India)

PM Modi a super-spreader: IMA vice president

In a first direct and open criticism of the Prime Minister of the country by any member of doctors’ fraternity, the national vice president of the Indian Medical Association Dr Navjot Singh Dahiya called Narendra Modi as a super-spreader.

In a statement issued from Jalandhar he held Modi responsible for the prevailing condition in the country during second wave of COVID-19. Instead of controlling the pandemic, the Prime Minister has rather emerged as a ‘super spreader’ by holding big political rallies in poll-bound states.

The statement further said that the PM even allowed ‘Kumbh Mela’ during such a serious situation.

“While the medical fraternity is trying hard to make people understand Covid norms, like social distancing, PM Modi did not hesitate to address big political rallies in the poll-bound state, tossing all Covid norms in the air”, said Dr Dahiya.

“In 2020, during the initial days of Corona in the month of January, when first patient of Corona was found in India, Prime Minister Modi instead of making arrangements to fight Corona, he preferred to organize the gathering of more than one lakh persons in Gujarat to welcome the then US President Donald Trump,” he said.

The statement further added, “Now when the second wave of Covid-19 is yet to reach its peak, the entire health system is failing as PM did not take any step to strengthen it during the entire year.”

Coming down heavily on the Union government , Dr. Dahiya also flayed its decision to back Baba Ramdev’s ‘Coronil’, which, he said, was disclaimed by WHO on the very next day.

According to Dr Dahiya, “the scarcity of medical oxygen has become the reason for the death of many patients in every part of the country against the fact that several projects for producing oxygen were still pending with the Union government for clearance and such an important need was not heeded by the Modi government”.

“Even on the issue of farmers’ agitation against farm laws, PM Modi did not act in responsible manner and allowed huge gathering of farmers, without solving their issues, causing a serious threat of Covid spread,” Dr Dahiya concluded.

The statement from a top IMA official came as India is still grappling with oxygen shortage and rising number of corona virus cases. On April 25, India reported 3.53 lakh positive cases and 2,812 people lost their lives.

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