Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during a rally in Assam's Kamrup on Wednesday (Image credit: Hindustan Times)

Rahul accuses Narendra Modi of speaking lies 24 hours a day

In a direct assault on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday (March 31) charged the former of uttering lies throughout 24 hours of the day.

Addressing a big election rally in Kamrup Rahul minced no words to say that: “Mera Naam Narendra Modi nahin hai. Aap ko jhoot sunnah hai Assam ke bare mein, kisan ke bare mei, kisi aur ke bare mein TV on kar lo, Narendra Modi ka chehra dekho aur jitna sunnah hai sun lo.” (My name is not Narendra Modi. If you want to listen to lies about Assam, farmers or anything else, just switch on to the TV. See the face of Narendra Modi and listen to as much lie as you like).

Adopting a very aggressive posture the former Congress president accused the Assam government of betraying the people of the state and reiterated that the Congress-led government would never let the Citizenship Amendment Act be implemented.

He once again repeated the five guarantees made to the people of Assam in the Congress party manifesto and referred to the killing of people during the anti-CAA movement. He said that the state government did nothing for them. In all, five people lost their lives in December 2019 after the enactment of anti-CAA movement in Assam. Earlier Rahul offered prayers at Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati.

Voting for the second and third phases of election for 39 and 40 seats of Assam would take place on April 1 and 6.

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