A file photo of the Rajya Sabha from above (Image credit: IndiaTV)

Three AAP MPs marshalled out of Rajya Sabha, suspended for a day

All the three Rajya Sabha MPs of Aam Aadmi Party were on Wednesday suspended from the House for a day for creating ruckus just after the proceeding started at 9:00 in the morning.

Sanjay Singh, N D Gupta and S K Gupta went to the well of the House raising slogans against the three farm laws and in favour of the farmers’ agitation. After repeated request by the chairman Venkaiah Naidu the three refused to budge compelling him to adjourn the House for five minutes. They were also suspended from the House for a day.

However, when the proceeding started again, they were still in the House. Upon this the Chairman called the marshals who physically removed the three MPs from the House.

Later the Rajya Sabha agreed to discuss the issue related to farmers’ agitation during the Question Hour for the next three days. A total of 14 and a half hours has been fixed for this purpose.

Speaking in the Rajya Sabha the leader of Congress in the House Ghulam Nabi Azad recalled as to how the farmers in the then United Punjab forced the British to take back three draconian laws in 1907 and as to how Gandhiji in Champaran compelled the then ruler to withdraw the ‘Tinkathia System’ after the 1917 Satyagraha.

Thus, he sought the repeal of the three farm laws. Azad also condemned the Red Fort incident of January 26 and said that the guilty should be punished, the innocent people should be spared and the missing persons should be traced out.

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