Congress leader Rahul Gandhi (C) releasing his party's manifesto for Assam polls on Saturday (Image credit: Firstpost)

Congress promises five lakh jobs in Assam, will defend assault on culture, language

Guaranteeing five lakh jobs, providing 200 units of free electricity, payment of Rs 2,000 to all the housewives in the state, hike in daily wage of tea-workers up to Rs 365 and opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act are the basic features of the Congress party manifesto in Assam.

Releasing it in Guwahati on Saturday (March 20) Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that the culture and language of Assam are under attack during the BJP rule. He said that the Congress manifesto would try to defend the state from such an onslaught on the diversity of Assam.

Talking to the media Rahul said that the Congress believes in the growth of different culture, language, views, ideologies etc., which is totally different from the approach of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He termed it as the people’s manifesto.

Earlier in the day, while addressing a big public rally in Jorhat in Upper Assam, Rahul once again attacked the Narendra Modi government for the rise in the price of LGP cylinder from Rs 400 during the Congress regime to Rs 900 now. He said that only a couple of big industrialists are benefited by the policies of the Union government. Claiming that the Congress party will protect Assam, Rahul said that the entire Assam has been handed over to ‘outsiders’.

In his two-day trip to the poll-bound state, Rahul fully concentrated on Upper Assam where the party is likely to give a tough fight to the ruling BJP.

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