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COVID-19: Cases rising but under control

Representational Image. Photo by CDC on Unsplash

TNW, New Delhi, April 7. As COVID-19 positive cases have spiked up lately many state governments are urging the central government to extend the lock-down beyond 14 April. Health Ministry however clarified that the decision is yet to be taken.…

Coronalogy of events leading to lock-down

Coronalogy of events leading to lock-down. Representational Image. (Photo by Thom Masat on Unsplash)

–Soroor Ahmad TNW, New Delhi,April 4. When something between 50,000 and 70,000 people died in the heat wave in Europe in 2003 the Indian media had barely covered this tragedy. More than one-fourth of these casualties occurred in France. All this…

Corona Virus: The Great leveler

Corona Virus: The Great leveler

— Ariba Neyaz New Delhi, March 28. The Corona virus has demolished the class difference. Over a span of a few months the pandemic has spread like a wildfire without caring for economic and physical boundaries. A large number of…

Corona exposes the virus of western superiority

Citizens in the western countries are bound to act as to why their leaders failed to rise to the occasion. If tourism is to be blamed for the spread of the disease, especially in the Mediterranean region, why no action was taken earlier. And now suddenly all the panic buttons are being pushed. The free media––both social and not so social––played its own quota of role to wreak havoc among the common masses.

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