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China before and after COVID-19

China before and after coronavirus: Aerial Image of Guangzhou city. (Image Credit: Bingzhang Lin/Unsplash)

Sarim Ahmed Though COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on lives across the world, yet it is a fact that people have gotten to know each other in a much better way than before. Not only have we come to know the…

Droupadi Murmu set to become15th president of India

Former Jharkhand Governor Droupadi Murmu elected as 15th president of India on Thursday. She is first tribal leader and second woman to be elected as president of the country. (Image courtesy: PIB Tweet)

Yashwant Sinha bags third highest vote percentage as an opposition presidential candidate. Droupadi Murmu was elected as the first tribal president of India on Thursday defeating opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha with an overwhelming majority. Murmu got 64 percent votes while…

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