Fact checker Md Zubair gets bail in all six cases. (Image courtesy: Zubair's Twitter/ THENEWSWEB)

ALT News Co founder Md Zubair moves out of jail

Journalist and co-founder of ALT News Md Zubair who got interim bail from the Supreme Court in all the six cases lodged against him in Uttar Pradesh was released from the jail on Wednesday night. He was arrested on 27 June for a four year old “highly provocative tweet”

During the hearing, Md Zubair maintained that he tweeted a picture from the hindi movie ‘Kisi Se Na Kahna’ which has the censor board clearance and people have been watching it since its release in 1983.

Earlier, on Wednesday a bench of the Supreme Court of India headed by Chief Justice of Indian DY Chandrachud directed Zubair’s immediate release.

The court denouncing Zubair’s custody said that “no justification to keep him in continued detention and subject him to an endless round of proceedings in various courts”.

Denying the restraint demand on further tweets by Zubair, Justice DY Chandrachud said, “It’s like telling a lawyer to not argue any further. How can you tell a journalist he cannot write? If he does something that violates the law, then he is answerable to law. But how can we take anticipatory action against a citizen when he is raising his voice? Every citizen is answerable for what he does in public or private. We will not place any such order”.

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