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Kuwait’s moderate voice Al Sabah no more

Sheikh Al Sabah, Kuwaiti leader, who died on Tuesday (File Photo, Image credit: Mint)

The Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah died at the age of 91 in the United States on Tuesday, where he was undergoing treatment. His death has created a void in the politics of the Gulf as he was…

Setting up mega Muslim media-house amounts to wild goose chase

Representational Image, Courtesy: Thisisengineering-Raeng-w/ Unsplash
–Soroor Ahmed There is no dearth of genuinely honest souls who, having no experience of working in any media-house for even a day or night, bemoan as to why Muslims of India have no nationally recognised newspaper or television channel. They are from within the community or outside, like US-based Avi Dandiya. The latter even cited the example of Blacks in the United States who had in 1960s come up with several such big media organisations. Without questioning their intention it can be said that the idea is mistimed and should be simply set aside at this point of time.…

Coronalogy of events leading to lock-down

Coronalogy of events leading to lock-down. Representational Image. (Photo by Thom Masat on Unsplash)

–Soroor Ahmad TNW, New Delhi,April 4. When something between 50,000 and 70,000 people died in the heat wave in Europe in 2003 the Indian media had barely covered this tragedy. More than one-fourth of these casualties occurred in France. All this…

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