Much to raise suspicion Sushil Modi who was diagnosed for Corona virus giving frequent interviews to TV channels. (File photo, courtesy: TV9 Bharatvarsh)

Ailing Sushil Modi gives interview to another TV channel

Within 25 hours, ailing Bihar deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi on October 26 appeared in another television channel. The most visible face of Bihar BJP was on October 22 shifted to All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna, as the media reported that he had tested Corona positive. 

A day later Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to address public meetings in Sasaram, Bhagalpur and Gaya. Chief minister Nitish Kumar shared dais with him in the first two towns. Interestingly, at 8:00 PM on October 25 News18 Bihar/Jharkhand telecast the interview of Sushil Modi. It was not taken in the studio.

Curiously, on Oct 20 Marya Shakil of sister English channel CNN News18 also carried his interview. As if that was not enough at 9:00 PM on Oct 26 News24 also telecast the interview of Sushil Modi. The anchor, Anuradha Prasad at the very outset asked about his health. The BJP leader replied that he had mild fever for three days and had no such symptom.

There is no problem in breathing, the CT Scan is perfectly all right and that he has been asymptomatic for the last seven days. There is no weakness and all the parameters are perfectly normal, he said adding that within next 48 hours he would be back in the election campaign. The frequent appearance of Sushil Modi in television channels has given rise to speculations whether it is a part of the strategy of the BJP leader.

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