LJP leader Chirag Paswan. (File Photo, Image credit: The Hindu)

If found guilty of corruption Nitish may be thrown into jail: Chirag

Anyone found involved in corruption, be it any official or the chief minister, he or she would be thrown into jail once Lok Janshakti Party comes to power. This warning was issued by the LJP chief Chirag Paswan on Monday while addressing an election rally in Buxar.

He listed a series of rampant corruption in the Nitish Kumar regime, especially his favourite scheme, Saat Nischaye, or Seven Resolves.
Referring to loot in all the government schemes Chirag that the LJP manifesto has clearly mentioned that once the party comes to power it would inquire all the corruption charges and put behind bars all those found guilty, be it any official or even those who have served as the chief minister of the state. He was thus obviously referring to Nitish Kumar.

However, his statement came under the sharp criticism from Ravi Kishan, the BJP MP from Gorakhpur. The latter said that such statements are wrong and are given just to hit headlines.

The star BJP campaigner said that Chirag should apologise to Nitish for such baseless charges on the man who has remained untainted in the last 15 years as the chief minister and the man who introduced a new type of politics.Incidentally, the reaction came not from any prominent BJP leader of Bihar but from Ravi Kishan. Chirag has repeatedly been claiming that the LJP-BJP government is going to come to power on November 10.

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