Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. (File photo)

Nitish speaks out against LJP and those behind it

Hours after the leader of opposition Tejashwi Prasad Yadav taunted as to why Nitish Kumar was not coming out before the public, the chief minister and the national president of Janata Dal (United) addressed a Press conference. Instead of replying to the RJD leader’s pointed allegations about manipulation in counting Nitish chose to hit out at the LJP (Lok Janshakti Party) and those behind its efforts to work against the Janata Dal (United) candidates. 

Without taking the name of any person and party Nitish explained that everything is amply clear and the media had already highlighted as to how efforts were made to damage his party’s prospect in the election.

Nitish said that his party is examining the cause and factor behind the defeat of all the candidates. On the issue of the election of chief minister, he said that it is for the National Democratic Alliance to take the final call. Nitish said that he is not under any sort of pressure from any quarter and added that he had never made any claim for any post.

He said that he believes in working for the people cutting across all the social and community lines and warned that his government had never tolerated corruption, crime and communalism. He said that he did not allow communal riots to take place in the state.

Defending his prohibition policy he said that it had yielded results in Bihar. However he conceded that 10 per cent people are everywhere to undermine all the policies and programmes of the government. He said that all out efforts have been made throughout the globe to eradicate crime, but it is still there. It can only be brought down which his government did. Referring to Tejashwi’s promises of providing 10 lakh government jobs he said that he never makes such promises which cannot be implemented.

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