Onions, stones thrown at Nitish in Madhubani while he was addressing an election rally. (Tv9 Bharatvarsh)

Onions, stones thrown at Nitish in Madhubani as Bihar witnesses moderate polling

Hours after exercising his adult franchise in Patna, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on November 3 was greeted with onions and stones at Harlakhi Assembly seat in Madhubani district of Mithilanchal belt. The upset chief minister shouted back: “Khub pheko” (Throw it) at least half a dozen times and added that such action is not going to solve their problems. He urged the crowd to spare the youths and pay no attention to their action.

It could not yet be known whether they were arrested or not. Soon after the attack security personnel came in front of Nitish as human shield. While highlighting the works done for the weaker sections of the society he said he would see as to how many ‘rozgar’ (employment) is created. Thus in a way he appears to be prepared for the eventuality.

In Madhubani, Nitish Kumar once again minced no words to criticise the leader of opposition, Tejashwi Prasad Yadav for making false promises of providing government jobs. He reminded the people as to how many jobs the previous 15 years Lalu-Rabri regime had created in Bihar. He assured the crowd that while his government created six lakh jobs, only 95,000 got jobs in previous 15 years. Throughout his speech, Nitish kept promising the people to beware of the false promises made by the opposition.

It is not the first time that during the recent election campaign that Nitish has been targeted, booed and jeered by the angry crowd. At some places the chief minister had even lost cool. In the meantime 94 Assembly constituencies of 17 districts of Bihar witnessed moderate to heavy polling. The latest polling percentage figure would be known later in the day.

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