Tejashwi Yadav and other party functionaries of RJD released manifesto of party for coming Assembly election.

RJD releases manifesto: Tejashwi explains difference between govt jobs and employment

Releasing the election manifesto of RJD, the leader of opposition in Bihar Assembly, Tejashwi Prasad Yadav, on Oct 24 reiterated that once the Grand Alliance government comes to power it would start the process for appointing one million youths in the government departments. Explaining the distinction between the government job and any other work he said that the Grand Alliance government would in its first cabinet meeting take decision to appoint 10 lakh youths in the state government services.

He said that it should be made clear that the government jobs is different from any other employment. He said that rag-picking and selling ‘pakoda’ are also a part of employment. But he wants to make it clear that ” We would provide government jobs to 10 lakh youths. We do not spread lies like the BJP people. This would be the historic first step.”

Elaborating the contradiction within the NDA, Tejashwi said that the chief ministerial candidate of the BJP is Nitish Kumar, who had already said that it is impossible to provide 10 lakh jobs. Then how is that the BJP election manifesto claiming that 19 lakh jobs would be created in the next five years. This is sheer lie being spread to confuse the masses. Tejashwi once again said that Nitish Kumar has got tired and is in no position to run the state government. Along with Tejashwi, Rajya Sabha MP Manoj Jha and other senior RJD leaders were also present on the occasion.

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