RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav attacked Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar over another bridge collapsed before inauguration (file photo)

Tejashwi takes a dig as another newly constructed bridge collapses in Bihar

The leader of opposition in Bihar Assembly Tejashwi Prasad Yadav on Friday took a dig at Bihar government as another bridge collapsed, this time in Kishanganj. The bridge was scheduled to be inaugurated shortly as Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is on an inauguration spree in view of the coming Assembly election.

“Under construction or just inaugurated bridges costing crores are crumbling in the state one after another. This is the model of development of Nitish Kumar,” Tejashwi said.

“Has action been taken against any contractor, or officer; did the minister concerned, chief minister or any one else take the responsibilities, or accountability has been fixed; even the investigations has not been initiated. Nitish Kumar is fully embroiled in the corruption,” Tejashwi alleged.

“Sushil Kumar Modi is mocking the poor. The farmer, workers, students who are going out of the state for various compulsions such as for employment, education, treatment; but the deputy chief minister is terming it a matter of choice,” he added.

Tejashwi listed newly built bridges which have collapsed in the last couple of months. They are: Sattarghat bridge built at the cost of Rs. 263 crore was washed away on the 29th day of opening.

The approach road of Bangra Ghat bridge built at a cost of Rs. 506 crore was collapsed a day before inauguration.

The embankment built in Bhagalpur at the cost of Rs.1000 crore had developed a breach before inauguration. Rats were blamed for it.

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