Low voter turnout in urban constituencies of Patna (File Photo, Image credit: Zee News)

Voters dry up in three ‘flood’-prone upscale constituencies of Patna

The most significant aspect of the November 3 Assembly election in Bihar was that the three urban segments of Patna which witnessed large-scale water-logging for weeks last year saw the lowest turnout in the 94 constituencies  where polling took place. While Digha, the poshest of all the constituencies of Bihar saw just 34.5 per cent, 35.9 and 36.4 per cent voting took place in Bankipur and Kumhrar respectively. These three constituencies are represented in the Assembly by BJP and are considered as the saffron bastion.

In all, nine Assembly segments of Patna went to poll. The turnout in rural areas was much better with Bakhtiyarpur, the home town of chief minister Nitish Kumar, seeing the highest figure of 59.2 percentage. The 94 segments spread in 17 districts, however, had the turnout of 54.44 percentage. Muzaffarpur with 59.98 stood first while Patna at the bottom with 48.23 percent.

The lowest turnout in these three upscale segments of Patna have made the BJP bigwigs sit up and ponder as it is feared that most of their supporters preferred to sit at home, if not vote for the rival parties. These three constituencies saw 18-20 per cent less polling than other 91 segments–that is around 55,000 to 60,000 less votes. This is a huge figure and can mar the prospect of any candidate.

The BJP leaders are unable to speak on this issue. It seems that a large number of people of these constituencies have expressed their anger.


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