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Biden starts innings with reverse sweeps, cancels Trump’s executive orders

On the very first day in office President Joe Biden on Wednesday reversed several of the executive orders of the outgoing President Donald Trump, most of them issued during the fag end of his tenure. Thus, Biden became the first President in American history to issue 17 executive orders just moments after taking oath on Jan 20. Barring a couple of them the rest of the executive orders were issued to reverse the executive orders issued by Trump.

They are related to the construction of wall along the border with Mexico, climate change, wearing of mask in public places, lifting of restrictions on travel from several Muslim countries, removal of ban on recruitment of transgender people in the US Army, Navy and Air Force etc.

There is likelihood of other executive orders to follow, many of them linked to the foreign policy of the country.

In the last four years of Trump era 450 miles of wall could be built on the 3,000 miles long border with Mexico.

Reports said that a large number of people from Guatemala and Honduras are trying to head towards Mexico to enter the United States as there is every likelihood that the new administration may relax the rules on immigration. As Joe Biden had during the election campaign promised to relax the immigration policy, thousands of people from these two Latin American countries started approaching the United States even before his oath-taking. They even clashed with the police of their respective countries. They are hopeful that in the days to come the Biden Administration may implement the new policy.

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