In yet another indication of its deteriorating relationship with China, US suspended 3 agreement in response of Beijing's enforcement of National Security Law in Hong Kong. (Representational Image, Courtesy: Morning Brew/ Unsplash)

Both US, China locked in showdown on two fronts

Even as the beleaguered US President Donald Trump is busy fighting on the domestic front following the release of John Bolton’s book, The Room Where It Happened, his navy is flexing its muscle in South China Sea. While two of its aircraft carriers USS Roland Reagan and USS Nimitz are engaged in joint military exercise the third one is not far away from the region.

However, China’s has downplayed the whole show of strength and called the US naval ships as paper tigers which can easily be targeted by its missiles. Beijing is calling Trump’s move as an exercise in desperation as the US President is panicky after the constant decline in popularity ahead of Presidential election in coming November.

According to the official Chinese mouthpiece Trump wants to project himself as a strong leader before the election with the vain hope of winning the second term. Thus China, which too is locked in another front–with India in the lofty mountain of Himalaya–has issued a strong threat to the United States. China knows that the economic compulsion of the United states will keep the latter in a tight leash. Meanwhile, Bolton’s book has only revealed the weakness of Trump. It has embarrassed the Republicans as Bolton was not anyone from outside.

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