Smoke rises from a Gaza tower after it was hit by Israeli air strikes (Image credit: NDTV)

Israel gearing up for land offensive as situation turns for worse

Israel is amassing troops along with its border with Gaza for its likely ground offensive even as so far more than 70 Palestinians (including 17 children) and seven Israelis, including a soldier, were killed in the latest round of escalation since May 10, the worst since 2014.

Three brigades of Israeli Defence Force (something around 8,000 to 10,000)—two infantry and one armoured—are just waiting for the signal to invade Gaza as the air strikes and Iron Dome (air defence system) have not fully stopped the rocket attacks from Hamas deep inside Israel.

The unabated raining of rockets is continuing even as Israeli air offensive have caused widespread destruction to civilian areas in Gaza. Among those killed include six Hamas commanders. 

The chief of staff of Israeli Defence Force, Aviv Kochavi is visiting the frontline to supervise the preparation of ground offensive even as the Jewish nation is ready to celebrate its foundation day on May 14.

On the other hand, the situation within Israel has deteriorated with Arabs or Palestinians and Jewish population clashing among themselves. The situation is alarming and a sort of civil war is feared.

Though Israel has in the last 15 years carried out two land offensives against Hamas and one against Hezbollah but it has not been able to crush either of the two outfits in Gaza and Lebanon respectively.  They both enjoy the backing of Iran. After a few months they regroup themselves. In fact, according to many experts, the Hamas appears to have increased its fire-power, though Israel claims that its Iron Dome has intercepted about 85 % of the rockets.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden talked to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday expressing hope that the situation would soon be brought to normal though he added that Israel has the right to defend itself.

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