A Portuguese woman allegedly died after taking the Pfizer vaccine. A representational image of a Corona vaccine (File Photo, Image credit: Hakan Nural/ Unsplash)

Portuguese nurse’s death after taking Pfizer vaccine shocks world

The drive for vaccination received a rude shock on Wednesday when a Portuguese nurse died within 48 hours of taking the Pfizer vaccine. According to a late report in the British newspaper Daily Mail, the 41-year-old Sonia Acevedo died suddenly at her home on Friday (January 1). Sonia did not suffer from any immediate side-effect after taking the vaccine. Her health condition too was perfect. She was working at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology in the department of paediatrics in Porto. She has two children and lived with her family.

Her shocked father Abilio Acevedo has demanded an investigation into her demise. Talking to a Portuguese news agency, he said: “She had not had any health issues. She took the COVID-19 vaccine but did not have any symptoms. I don’t know what happened, I just need answers. I want to know what led to Sonia’s death.” 

It needs to be mentioned that only on January 3 evening the CEO of Serum Institute in India Adar Poonawalla claimed that except Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford/AstraZeneca all the other vaccines have proven to be safe just like water.

His statement kicked up a storm with Dr. Krishna Ella of Bharat Biotech challenging him.

The death of Sonia has come as a big setback to the vaccination drive in the entire world. This is the first death in the world after the administration of any Corona vaccine. Earlier reports of side effects like fainting, dizziness, fatigue etc. have been reported from various places in the world.

The Portuguese Institute of Oncology where Sonia worked has, in a statement, expressed regret saying that the loss of her family and friends is also felt at the institute.

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