Representational image for World Happiness Report 2021 (Image credit: The Financial Express)

Post-COVID India’s happiness index remains unchanged

India ranked 139 out of 149 countries in the list of UN World Happiness Report 2021.

While Finland continued to top the list for the fourth consecutive year, war-torn Afghanistan continued to be at the bottom. Just above Afghanistan is Zimbabwe (148), Rwanda (147), Botswana (146) and Lesotho (145). Finland is followed by equally sparsely populated countries Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden etc. Israel and Germany ranked at the 12th and 13th position. The UK and US ranked at the 17th and 19th position while China was placed 84.

Incidentally, the countries of the sub-continent, Bangladesh and Pakistan, are ranked 101st and 105th.

In the 2020 report, India was ranked 144 out of 156 countries surveyed.

This is the first survey to take place after the world was hit by Corona Virus. The position of India has remained more or less unchanged.

The report published every year ranks nations based on gross domestic product (GDP) per person, healthy life expectancy and the opinions of residents. Surveys ask respondents to indicate on a 1-10 scale how much social support they feel they have if something goes wrong, their freedom to make their own life choices, their sense of how corrupt their society is and how generous they are.

The UN happiness report ranks the countries of the world on the basis of questions from the Gallup World Poll.

According to the Report, the results are then correlated with other factors, including GDP and social security.

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