A file photo of the Heathrow Airport in London (Image credit: BBC)

UK quarantined following spurt in new strain of corona virus

Several European countries on Sunday decided to suspend all flights to the United Kingdom, at least till the New Year’s day, following reports of spurt in cases of new strain of corona virus spreading fast in the country. Even train services through Channel Tunnel have been stopped.

These steps were taken after authorities in the United Kingdom said that the new and more dangerous strain of COVID-19 is “unfortunately getting out of control”.

Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Italy have already restricted all flights to and from Britain and all the European Union countries may follow soon. Indian authorities too are likely to take decision on suspension of flights from England on Monday.

Incidentally, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been invited as the chief guest on January 26 Republic Day function in New Delhi.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who had himself suffered from corona virus early this year, on Sunday once again called on the people to follow the government “stay home” order in this regard.

The rise in the cases of new strain has come just on the eve of Christmas which otherwise always witnesses huge rush throughout the world, especially in the West. This time, in contrast, most European nations and the United States wear a deserted look ahead of X-mas.

Meanwhile, Israel on Sunday launched its vaccination drive following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu getting the first shot on Saturday night. On Sunday, the country’s President Reuven Rivlin, health minister Yuli Edelstein and other officials as well as health sector workers got vaccinated.

However, there was no such arrangement for the people of Palestinian Authority and Gaza.

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