Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip (File Photo, Image credit: nbcwashington.com)

Queen Elizabeth, King Salman vaccinated as UK saw highest death toll on Jan 8

Two oldest head of states of the world got vaccinated within a matter of a few hours. Ninety-four year old Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip, 99 got vaccinated on January 9, a day after the United Kingdom witnessed the highest number of death due to corona virus. Thus, she became the oldest head of the state in the world to be vaccinated.

A day earlier King Salman of Saudi Arabia, 85, got Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. Thus, he became the first Arab ruler to get inoculated. The vaccination drive in Saudi Arabia had started in the middle of December.

 According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson so far 1.5 million Britons have got vaccinated. The plan is to vaccinate 15 million people by mid-February.

On Friday the UK witnessed highest number of death (1,325). On Saturday the figure dropped to 1,035. The death toll in Britain crossed 80,868 and the number of people affected till now has touched the three million mark. London is the worst affected city.  

Ever since the pandemic took the country by storm in March both the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have been shifted from Buckingham Palace and are under proper medical supervision.

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