US President Donald Trump (File Photo, Image credit: Deadline)

Trump agrees to concede defeat if Electoral College upholds Biden’s victory

US President Donald Trump has said that he would admit defeat in the recently held Presidential polls only if the Electoral College confirms Joe Biden’s victory. He also made the impression that he would never acknowledge defeat and even skip Mr. Biden’s oath-taking ceremony.

It needs to be stated that the incumbent President, after the announcement of the result, has consistently maintained that the vote was ‘rigged’. Though he and his team have made baseless allegations of stolen ballots and have even challenged the result in the courts, the judiciary decided in favour of the Democrat Party.

Talking to reporters on the eve of Thanksgiving Day for the first time since the November 3 polls, Trump moved closer to the fact that he is going to leave the White House.

He talked for about 25 minutes to the media to reiterate his own position. It needs to be mentioned that Trump agreed to gradually transfer the power to Biden after coming under pressure from some senior Republicans. This includes Mitt Romney, the Presidential candidate of the party in the 2012 elections.

Romney, a Senator from Utah, was quoted in the media a week back: “The consequences of what’s happening during this lame duck period, I think, are potentially more severe than the consequences associated with a late transition process.”

Mr. Biden has said that in his first 100 days in office he would put urgency on tackling the Corona Virus crisis as well as simultaneously scraping Trump’s environmental policies. More than 2,60,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the United States and the daily death toll has surged in recent days.

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