Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the American jurist who died recently (File Photo, Image credit: NDTV)

Trump to recommend Ginsburg replacement next week

After the death of the American jurist Ruth Bader Ginsburg who was an associate justice at the Supreme Court of the United States, President Donald Trump has said that he will nominate a replacement for her very soon and that the choice will most likely be a woman. Mrs. Ruth was serving in that capacity from 1993 till her death on the 18th of this month. She was appointed by the then President Bill Clinton and was considered as a liberal and champion of women’s rights. She succumbed to cancer at the age of 87.

The US Supreme Court has only nine judges (including the Chief Justice) and Trump would certainly like to appoint a woman tilted towards the Republican Party. He is in a hurry as the Presidential election is due in the first week of November.

Between 2006 and 2009, Mrs. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the only female justice on the Supreme Court. During this period, she became more forceful in her dissent.

The two names that are coming up in the race for the post are Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa. Both Barrett and Lagoa have been appointed by the Trump Administration to the circuit courts and are on a list of more than 40 potential Supreme Court picks Trump issued earlier this month.

Trump was in favour of the Senate confirming his choice of the two picks before the November 3 election and said that he expects the process “is going to move very quickly, actually.”

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