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Women power in new American team

US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has announced to appoint three women at one of the topmost posts of the country. They are Tina Flournoy, Rohini Kosoglu and Nancy McEldowney.

Tina Flournoy will take charge of the Chief of Staff of the Vice President. Kamala said about Tina that her deep experience in different branches of the government makes her an asset for this important post.

Nancy McEldowney, with an illustrious career in the US Foreign Service, will take over as the National Security Adviser. Ms. Harris said that her long experience and leadership abroad will be invaluable as the new administration advances the country’s interests around the world.

Rohini Kosoglu will take the office of Domestic Policy Adviser. She is an expert on some of the most important issues the country is facing.

It needs to be mentioned that many women have manned important positions in the recent US administrations. Hillary Clinton, who served as the Secretary of State in the first Obama administration and later ran for the Presidential office is one of the foremost of them all. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who served in the second Bush Administration is also an eminent personality. She had earlier served as the National Security Adviser in the first Bush Administration. Her role in managing the Middle East crisis especially during the War in Iraq and Afghanistan is a known fact.

Gina Haspel, currently serving as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, is also a prominent figure in the Trump administration. Incidentally, she is the first woman to hold the top post of the Agency. Janet Napolitano, who used to be the chief of the Department of Homeland Security, was an important Latino official in the first Obama administration.

So, it can be said that women power will play an important role in the new Biden administration which takes office in January next year.

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