Nursing staffs and sanitation workers of AIIMS Patna, one of the four pandemic dedicated hospitals of the state, went on strike on Saturday. (Image Courtesy: official AIIMS website)

AIIMS Patna’s nursing staffs and sanitation workers on strike

TNW, Patna, July 18: As the health infrastructure has started to crumble amid rising number of COVID 19 patients, the nursing staffs and sanitation workers of AIIMS Patna, went on strike on Saturday over nonpayment of their salaries. The strike is likely to severely affect the treatment of patients at the facility.

Although the major grievance of the striking workers is not getting their salaries for last two months, they also complained that despite giving their services at the hospital they, and their close relatives, are being denied treatment here. 

The AIIMS Patna has emerged as first choice of VIP patients since many NDA’s Members of Parliament, ministers and Members of Legislative Assembly along with top bureaucrats and police officers have tested positive. Reports quoting sources suggest that since last few days common people are finding it very difficult in getting treatment at AIIMS. 

Recently, in a video one RJD MLA alleged that even he was not able to admit her mother for the treatment at the hospital despite talking to the authorities. It was only after he started making video, alleging that though the beds are vacant hospital officials are refusing to admit his mother, he was able to admit her. 

Meanwhile the AIIMS Patna officials, while giving assurances of payment of salaries soon, requested the staffs to call off the strike and return to work. 

Bihar has seen huge surge of positive cases lately as the number is just below 25000 mark as of Saturday. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has given instruction to increase the testing from 10 thousand to 20 thousand on Thursday. 

However, opposition leader in assembly, Tejashawi Yadav on Saturday accused the Chief Minister for suppressing data. The RJD leader demanded that testing must be increased to 30-35 thousand per day. 

Tejashawi said, “In Bihar, the highest single-day surge of 2,226 new cases, with a positivity rate of 21.7% (highest in India), was recorded. To avoid making it to the headlines, the Chief Minister hid the actual figures and published half another day.”

“Nitish ji is playing with the lives of 12.6 crores Biharis. To avoid bad press, he is suppressing data. Is your image more important than the lives of our people, Mr Chief Minister?” he asked.

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