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Corona Virus: Death toll rises to 7, as one person died in Bihar.

Hours after confirmation that he is infected with Crona Virus, a 38 year old man died in AIIMS, Patna, Bihar. He was identified as Saif Ali of Munger who recently returned from Qatar. One other Corona positive patient is undergoing treatment at NMCH, Patna.

On the other hand, two patients were found in West Bengal on Friday. The number of states where this deadly virus has reached climbed to 23. Government figures state that more than 300 people, including 39 foreigners are infected with the endemic.

Experts are of the opinion that the number may rise exponentially in the county as they suspect under diagnosis is the reason for less number of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Many of them predict that we are just days away from the situation that most severely affected countries have been facing. 

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