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COVID-19: Cases rising but under control

TNW, New Delhi, April 7. As COVID-19 positive cases have spiked up lately many state governments are urging the central government to extend the lock-down beyond 14 April. Health Ministry however clarified that the decision is yet to be taken.

On Tuesday the total number of cases in India reached to 4879 in which 124 people died and 352 people recovered. The speed of doubling of number of infected cases which rose to 4 days is cause of concern.

Yet,  health ministry official outlined on Tuesday that cluster containment strategy is giving positive results in places like Noida, Bhilwara, Agra, Pathanamthitta and areas of East Delhi.

Meanwhile, health experts have suggested that the country at the moment lies between second and 3rd stage of transmission. The second stage which is also known as local transmission refers that contact of infection is traceable but in third stage the transmission moves to a level where the contact is not traceable, which is also known as community transmission.

 According to latest reports the Maharashtra has become the first state to cross the 1000 Corona Virus infection marks as Mumbai has emerged as most affected city. The financial capital, with densely populated pockets, has alone contributed more than 100 cases on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has revealed his plan to adopt the South Korean model of rapid Testing. He has also unveiled his 5 steps containment plan which he termed as 5T plan: Testing, Tracing, Treatment, Teamwork and Tracking and monitoring. Delhi government has initially decided to test 1 lakh people from the rapid kit which is said to be arriving soon.

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