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PM calls meet with CMs following spurt in post-Diwali Corona cases

As the number of Corona Virus cases has shot up in the post-Diwali days Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called a virtual meeting with the chief ministers of the states on November 24.

He would be meeting the chief ministers of more affected states between 10 and 12 o’clock and with the chief ministers of the less affected states just after that.

The PM took this decision after the big jump in the cases in several western and northern states in particular. The country witnessed 511 deaths on Sunday and reported 44,059 cases.

After Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, it is now Rajasthan government which has taken the decision to impose night curfew in eight cities. The number of cases has shot up in cities like Jaipur and Jodhpur. The state government has restricted the number of participants in marriages to 200.

 Delhi continued to record the highest number of deaths. In all, 121 lives were lost due to the pandemic on Sunday alone. This was the third consecutive day when the figure crossed 100 mark.

Though state governments throughout the country are trying to put restrictions on marketing, people are largely not following it because of the post-Diwali marriage season. In the last fortnight of November, thousands of marriages take place in every city and town across the country. Many of the marriages scheduled in last summer were postponed to November because of the spread of Corona Virus. Now that there is spurt in the pandemic again governments are imposing restrictions like night curfews and closure of markets but this time the people appear to be in no mood to follow the rules. The Hindu marriage season ends in the mid of December.

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