Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi ( File Photo, Photo Courtesy: Pilee Khabar)

BJP, JDU leaders scamper for cover after big rise in Corona Virus cases in Bihar after election meetings

–The NewsWeb Special Correspondent  

The National Democratic Alliance government and at least two of its constituents–the Bharatiya Janata Party and Janata Dal United–are being held directly responsible for the sudden spurt in Corona Virus cases in Bihar, especially in Patna. If the state government has failed to rise to the occasion and make timely preparations to fight the pandemic the BJP and JD(U) leaders are being blamed by average people of Bihar for deliberately spreading the virus. 

These two parties, especially the saffron brigade, went all out  to gear up for the Assembly election which is at least three months from now. They were holding meetings almost daily in which leaders, party office-bearers, and workers from across the state would participate. All these exercises were going on when the state government was busy imposing lockdown in different towns and cities.

“While the police were cracking  whips on poor rickshawallahs, shopkeepers, people going to buy essential items and medicine etc these ruling parties leaders were allowed to hold meetings in total violation to all norms and rules laid down by none else but PM Narendra Modi,” was how  an old man in his late 50s reacted. Obviously, he did not wish to be quoted.

The leader of opposition Tejashwi Prasad Yadav too raised the issue and alleged that the ruling combination in Bihar are  more  bothered about coming back to power by hook and crook and not about the lives of people.The BJP was caught off guard after reports came on July 14 that 75 out of 100 party workers and leaders were tested positive after they attended a meeting in the party headquarters in Patna.

This is just a tip of iceberg as many of their family members all over the state too have been affected by COVID-19. Those inflicted by the disease include several senior leaders. The party leadership went on panic and the head office was closed down. The news of the virus taking the BJP office by storm came just after several Janata Dal United leaders, including its spokesman, Dr Ajay Alok, tested positive. Only last week the news came that something between 60 and 90 employees of chief minister Nitish Kumar’s official bungalow reported positive.

Not only this much several officials and employees of the secretariat and Legislative Council tested positive. The chairman of the Council, Awadesh Narayan Singh and JDU MLC Ghulam Gaus and his wife too tested positive after the election for the Council held last month.

The anger among the common people is palpable as these VIP patients and their family members are getting preferential treatment while there  is nobody to look after the rest of the patients in hospitals.What the people are fearing more is that the BJP and JDU leaders and workers affected by Corona Virus  may spread the pandemic to new places in their respective localities and villages.

“When cases were initially reported from the Tablighi Jamaat Markaz in New Delhi these BJP leaders were the first to blame the Muslim community. Why the media is silent now, when top BJP leaders and even CM Nitish Kumar are busy in holding election meetings,” asked Naiyer Fatmi, a social worker.

The BJP and JDU rank and file have gone into tizzy as they are finding it extremely difficult to work for election.


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